Frequently Asked Questions About Online Classes

What can I expect to learn from an online class?

Each month has a specific self defense + personal safety topic. The monthly class may emphasize different training elements. Physical techniques are always included and grounding breathwork at the end. The best way to get an update is to check out the monthly email by signing up!

What will I need for the online class?

Wear whatever feels comfortable! Also it will be helpful to have enough space to move around with your arms extended. If there are specific items needed for the class, it will be shared in the monthly email you receive!

Do I need to be trans or non-binary to participate?

Yes, Currently, the monthly online classes are for/by trans/NB people. On some occasions, we will open the class to our cisgender friends. To be updated on these changes, sign up here:

I’m not in shape or I’ve never taken a self defense class before, will the class be a hard workout?

STB Safety online session includes more than just the physical training (mental aspect, understanding the terrain, etc.). All movements/techniques will have modifications available. You always have the choice to participate however much you feel comfortable.

Will I need to have my camera on the entire time?

No, not the entire class, having your camera on at least part of the class, especially during the physical practice will allow the trainer to provide helpful feedback to the larger group on body angles/movements/etc. to avoid injury. If being on camera is an issue, please email ahead: and we will accommodate!

How much does it cost to join?

These monthly virtual classes are FREE for Trans/NB/GNC people. If you are financially able, we welcome donations of all sizes (CashApp: $securethebagsafety)