Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secure The Bag Safety?

a person holding a first aid kit

The Secure The Bag Safety is led by and for BIPOC (Black/Indigenous/People of Color) Trans* GNC/NB (Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary) and we are committed to protecting the lives of our siblings. Secure The Bag Safety aims to equip our community members with various resources, safety tools, training and techniques in order to believe in our value, access our sense of self-agency and tap into our power. Currently we provide: safety kit outreach & in-person/online self-defense training classes.

Secure The Bag Safety‘s online platform was created so BIPOC T/GNC/NB folx, globally, could learn safety practices/techniques and identify various levels of threats for violence. For many T/GNC/NB communities outside of the U.S., as well as for many smaller towns/cities within the States, there are very few resources and little to no support around our BIPOC siblings. We must explore new and innovative ways to provide support to our siblings, any way we can. 

How can we contribute to the mission?

STB (Secure The Bag) Safety aims to equip our T/GNC/NB community members with the resources and tools needed to navigate their everyday lives, safely. In order to provide the services our BIPOC T/GNC/NB siblings need, such as: resources, equipment, space and experienced self-defense trainers, our organization needs money. You can donate to our cause by going to the page linked above.